What’s New in Sandlings Forest ?

Rendlesham Forest - UFO trail  ~ posted October 2014

Be aware : a UFO has been spotted at the landing site. Come and find   

Tunstall Forest - Viking Trail ~ posted April 2014

The Mountain Bike trail in Tunstall Forest, that has been developed and is maintained by volunteers from TROG  - the Tunstall and Rendlesham Off-Road Group, has now been officially approved and waymarked by the Forestry Commission. It is a singletrack red graded circuit, it runs for 10 miles and takes in many of the naturally occuring humps and deep depressions that are found within the Forest. The trail starts fron the Sandgalls Picnic site  ~ to view the Forestry Commission leaflet giving more information  click  here   

Tunstall Forest - Gate 23 Bike Jumps ~ posted July 2013

The Bike jump circuit in Tunstall Forest near to Sudbourne has now been officially adopted by the Forestry Commission .   The trail starts from Gate 23 on the Snape Road.   

Rendlesham Forest - Play areas ~ posted May 2013

Additional  play equipment has now been installed . These are a  cradle swing, three ordinary swings and one for the young, and a 40m zip-line Fun for all ages

  Rendlesham Forest - Play areas ~ posted July 2009

OUT OF THIS WORLD - the new play area is now open. Wooden play structures include Log Tunnels, a Bug Maze, a 3m high Climbing Wall and a Crashed Bomber.  Come and have fun in the forest!   


Rendlesham Forest - Bike Park ~ posted July 2009

Rendlesham Forest now has a brand new challenging bike park with two routes which include a variety of 'table tops', 'rhythm bumps', ramps, North Shore area and a tunnel. It is to be found just a short ride from the main Forest Centre car park.  Cycle events and skills sessions are also now available for all ages. For further information telephone Steven Edwards, the Cycling Contractor on 07706 479965 or contact his Cycle Hire business in Snape ~ Avocet Sports.  ~ for more information click  here              


Rendlesham Forest - Tangham Wood Sculptures ~ posted July 2008

A new leaflet introducing the Tangham Wood sculptures is now available from the car park kiosk. This block of mainly broad leaf woodland can be found just a 5 minute stroll along the Red waymarked  trail. Within the wood you will find some wild life sculptures ~ but you will need to go looking as some of the animals are a little shy.  Enjoy your "exploration". 


Rendlesham Forest - UFO trail  ~ posted July 2008

Some new plates containing the "Alien" image have been found on the back of the UFO Trail waymarker posts.  These plates also contain a symbol which once noted down and translated  will provide you with a message from beyond..  !    Obtain your special code-cracker leaflet from the Car Park kiosk ~   can you  decipher what the alien is trying to say ?


Rendlesham Forest Permanent Orienteering Course ~ posted March 2008

New maps of the Permanent Orienteering course are now available from the Rendlesham Forest Office and Forestry Commission sales points ~ price £1.50.  These maps, which are provided to the Forestry Commission by the Suffolk Orienteering Club,  reflect the changes in the landscape following the recent Forestry harvesting (thinning) operations.

Rendlesham Forest Phoenix Trail - red route  ~  posted March 2008

The bridge that spans the pond at Tangham has now been reconstructed  and is now fully open for use.   The waymarked diversion around the south of the pond has been removed ~ the path itself however still serves as an alternative route for visitors. To the north of the pond dipping platform,  visitors will also find a new bench that provides a convenient spot to pause and enjoy the view. 

Sandlings Forests Recreational Strategy  ~  Published January 2006

The strategy defines the underlying focus for the maintenance and enhancement the Forestry Commission's public access estate in the Sandlings Forest,  Download a copy here



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