Summer Series



For the fifth  year running the club will being putting on a series of informal events on Wednesday evenings from late May to mid July. Each event will offer two courses, one short (< 2km) and relatively easy (yellow +) standard, and the other a little longer ( 3.5 km ) and more challenging ( Lightish Green). We will be using some of our smaller patches of wood / heath / parkland / urban areas.

Starts times will be from 6.30 pm 7.30 pm , courses closing progressively from 8:15 pm to let the organisers clear things away before darkness overtakes them. Fees will be 2 adults and 1 for children (to cover map production, land access fees and any organisers expenses). Pin punches and control cards will be used ~ please bring a pen to record your name on the card.

We will be  combining with our near neighbours SOS to have a Joint Summer League. They are also putting  on a series of 5 events on Thursday evenings -  near to the A12 Chelmsford-Colchester corridor, offering a similar pair of courses and using the same scoring system. Watch their website for further details. 

In the Joint League up to your best 6 scores will count towards your final total. In addition a separate Suffolk OC competition will run. It will be limited to the performance of our club members at Suffolk events only, with up to three scores counting.


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